Mother's Day Gift Guide

April 28, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is just around the corner and most of us are probably still trying to find a last minute gift. We all want to spoil our mum and show her just how much she means to us, but sometimes shopping to find the perfect gift takes up more time than we actually have. This year homebodii has done the hard work for you by creating recommendations based on what type of mum you have!


Use our questionnaire to find out what kind of mum you have, or scroll down to shop our collections.

Your mums perfect morning would consist of:

a) Getting stuck into her latest project

b) Catching up with friends

c) Lazing around in the sun reading her favourite book

d) Curling up on the couch in a soft robe


Would you describe your mum as:

a) Youthful

b) Outgoing

c) Conservative

d) A homebody


Her favourite movies to watch are:

a) Comedies

b) Romance

c) Documentaries

d) TV Series


What is her favourite colour

a) Pink

b) Ivory

c) Black

d) Grey


Which one best describes her:

a) All floral

b) Lady in lace

c) Simple and classic 

d) Simple and Casual


Her go-to sleep attire:

a) A slip or nightie

b) A cami and knicker set

c) Pyjama set

d) An old t-shirt


Mostly A - The Luminous Mum

Mostly B - The Glamorous Mum

Mostly C - The Classic Mum

Mostly D - The Homebody Mum


The Luminous Mum

The luminous mum is youthful and energetic. She is sociable, friendly, and will make the room glow with her smile.The luminous mum would choose to get stuck into her next project then lay in bed all day. She is fun, warm, and amazing!

Mother's Day - The Luminous Mum

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The Glamorous Mum

The Glamorous mum exudes elegance and confidence. She enjoys the little things such as getting ready in the morning in an elegant robe, or catching up with friends over lunch. She holds her head high, and walks with a purpose. She is the lady in lace or soft silky satin. She is old Hollywood.

Mother's Day - The Glamorous Mum

Shop The Glamorous Mum


The Classic Mum

The classic mum is simple, elegant, and sophisticated. She believes that you should care about matching your sleepwear just as much as you match your clothes. She is often the only one sticking to her bedtime routine and will read a good book before falling asleep. She is classic.

Mother's Day - The Classic Mum

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The Home-body Mum

The home-body mum loves lazy mornings at home, reading a good book in the sun, or enjoying a morning cup of coffee looking out the window. She prefers her robes to be lush and warm like a mother's hug. She chooses soft comfortable fabrics perfect for curling up on the couch with a good book or to watch a good movie. She is a homebodii. 

Mother's Day - The Homebody Mum

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Have we missed anyone? Let us know what kind of mum you have and how you are spoiling her this Mother's Day!

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