When it comes to physical and mental well being, Yoga is the worlds’ go-to holistic system. Yogis everywhere have been preaching the benefits of the ancient method for years, proclaiming a mental clarity that comes along with it that can balance out your entire life in relation to the rest of the world. Yoga encapsulates the art of meditation, includes exercises, diet advice and of course, its iconic breathing methods. Whether you’re an athlete or otherwise; yoga can be practiced by anyone and everyone. Starting from the most basic of breathing exercises, varying up to complex advanced poses, there is an avenue into the yoga realm for everyone. So, if you’re looking to increase your level of physical activity, relieve daily stresses, or learn to focus better, yoga could be perfect for you.

Here at homebodii, we absolutely love yoga to wind us down after a busy day. Our friend Gopal from @mystrengthyoga came in to homebodii HQ to guide us through a PJ yoga session.

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The benefits stemming from yoga are endless, so we've compiled a list of our favourites for International Yoga Day on the 21st of June!

Improves flexibility

Flexibility is the first benefit people may see throughout their yoga journey. At first, most people aren’t able to touch their own toes with straightened legs. Yoga will help with the gradual loosening that will enable you to not only do this, but also aid in a general ease of movement in your life. The flexibility that amounts from yoga will aid those aches and pains that you might have in your hips, back and knees. For example, poor alignment of the thigh and shinbones causing a strain in the knee joint is the result of tight hips; and just one of the many issues that yoga will combat for you without you even knowing.

Clarity and Calmness

During yoga, you will be asked to concentrate deeply on your breathing, by being aware of it and being able to control it. Over time, you’ll find yourself more aware of the present moment while you release thoughts pertaining to the past, present and future. Freeing the things that are pestering our thoughts from our busy day-to-day lives develops greater clarity and calmness. Yoga will help you to perceive the whirlwind thoughts circulating your mind in an objective view, and in turn release those which do not serve us positively.

Better Posture

Let’s be honest, we all spend a few more hours hunching over our computers and phones than we really should. Slouching over our devices leads to poor posture as well back, neck and shoulder pain. The increased body awareness and core strength gained through practicing yoga will help to improve your stance keeping you standing up tall.

Nurture Your Relationships

A peaceful and balanced mindset helps you deal with sensitive matters in a more seamless and efficient way. The calming of your nervous system and centring of your attention will have your spouse, friends and parents thanking you for your nurtured and blossoming relationships.

Increased Energy

If you’re one of those people who are completely and utterly drained come 5pm, then yoga could really change your life, as it is proven to improve energy levels with continued practice. Just a few minutes per day can put a significant skip in your step and take you from feeling drab to fab! YouTube has hundreds of quick sessions that are just short enough for an average person to complete in the short time that we have to spare before our busy days begin.


One of the lesser-known benefits to practicing yoga has to be an enhancement for intuition. Being able to better know things that need to be done (that may have otherwise gone unforeseen), as well as how and when, are one of the many positive results that stem from continued yoga practice. Yoga and meditation is widely known to build upon your intuitive abilities, which can improve efficiency in all aspects of life.

Will you be taking part this International Yoga Day?

Leave us a comment with your favourite yoga pose! x

June 20, 2017 — Ashley Pilkinton
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