Taking Care of Ourselves at Home

Being Stuck at home can be tough... so how can we make sure we're taking care of ourselves at home?

Oh the joys the idea of being told to snuggle up at home indefinitely once brought. In theory, we can’t find a single downside to devoting our time to living in our pj’s, binging our favourite Netflix shows, and eating (lots of) chocolate. But in reality, after a few days it’s easy to find ourselves in an unproductive spiral, and feeling stuck. So what can we do to make sure we’re taking the best care of ourselves during this time? (Living in our pj’s is definitely not out of the question btw…) Here at Homebodii HQ, we’ve come up with a few self-care ideas, to keep us loving our time at home, and from going stir-crazy!

Let's all make sure we keep our bodies and minds at their happiest and healthiest during these times! Keep the light shining and the self love flowing xxx

1. Set yourself a daily schedule 

With all this extra time on our hands, it’s easy to put our tasks off, or binge one (or two, or three…) too many episodes. Setting yourself a schedule of your day each morning is a great way to make the most of your day, and keep you from getting sidetracked! It doesn’t have to be definite or hourly – it could be as simple as a list of goals or tasks you want to accomplish that day! Have a play with what type of scheduling you find the easiest, and makes you the most comfortable. Whatever you choose, just make sure to stick to it! The feeling of accomplishment when you are able to tick those tasks (whatever their size) off your list at the end of the day, is the best way to stop ourselves from feeling stuck.

Homebodii’s tip!

Sleep-ins are a definite yes when in isolation… just not too late! Give yourself the extra half hour (or hour) from your usual schedule, but make sure your wake-up time doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve wasted half the day!

2. Isolate your snacks! 

Working from home has its benefits… the snacks are never too far away! Trust us, we’re definitely guilty of the odd muesli bar (i.e. cookie) every now and then! It’s easy to eat more when working from home than you would at work, sometimes even subconsciously! But the best thing you can do for your body and mind during this time, is keeping consistency.

If you don’t usually have a before lunch/after lunch/pre dinner snack, try to minimize these during your WFH schedule. This helps your mind to feel as though nothing has changed, and keeps you productive! (Of course, we’ll make the odd exception for that one chocolate bar…)

3. Day pj’s are a YES!! 

To live in your pj’s…that’s the dream! Now that we’re working from home, why shouldn’t we spend our time in something a little more comfortable? After all, comfort is key – a saying applicable in any situation according to us! However, it’s important to separate your day pj’s from your night pj’s. Waking up and getting changed is a great way to trick yourself into a productive mindset… but keep it comfortable. 

Complement your favourite day pj’s with constant cups of chai and your favourite candle burning, to make you feel like you’re working in luxury! Changing into our day pj’s takes care of our body and mind at once, and we’re big fans!

Homebodii’s tip!

Check out our complementary personalization monogramming on our pj’s and robes, to make you feel extra special in your day pj’s!

4. Keep active

Sitting at a desk all day, leaves our bodies stiff and our minds burnt out! We’ve all promised ourselves we’ll fit in that workout on our lunch break every now and then, and what better time to put that plan into action, then when you have the freedom of your own schedule and home? Make a time each day to do a quick workout or stretch, to keep your body moving and happy. Your active time can be your sanctuary to shut your mind off for a little bit, and stretch all your worries away, or to power out your cooped-up energy for the day! Exercising refreshes our minds, and keeps our bodies feeling their best.

Especially in isolation, making our body our number 1 priority is so important! A happy, healthy, and refreshed body and mind will make your isolation that little bit easier.

Homebodii’s tip!

Check out our Home Body Soul IGTV video HEREwith pilates expert and trainer Sylvia Roberts, as she takes us through a couple of super, beginner-friendly exercises that can be done without equipment, and in our homes! Don’t forget, a good movement session is done with a smile, as Sylvia shows us!

5. Make time for yourself

At the end of each day, set a little bit of time aside for you. Just you. Find something (or a few things!) that relax and comfort you, and do them of an evening! Spending a little bit of time on yourself each day is a great way to make ourselves feel special, and unwind before bed. Let any worries of the day fall away, so you can wake up tomorrow feeling fresh, and ready to take on anything! We’re not going to tell you what to do in your me time… it has to be something special to you, that makes you feel happiest! But in case you’re stuck, we have some suggestions from our Homebodii family…

Homebodii's tip!

Run yourself a relaxing bath, light your favourite scented candle, use a good face mask to detoxify your skin, and treat yourself to some dark chocolate and a glass of wine!