Here at Homebodii we are very aware of the increasingly pressing environmental crisis that we as a planet are facing. We are also aware that the impact of the fashion industry on this issue needs to be addressed. Why is why we decided to act on it.

sustainable white nightie

We have been working with our suppliers and are so excited to be releasing a Homebodii sustainable range which uses Tencel’s environmentally friendly Modal fabric. The fabric is produced using raw, renewable materials which are used to create intimate cellulosic fibers. Not only is the material bio-based, but the fibers actually assist in maintaining natures balance by being certified compostable and biodegradable.

sustainable fabric

This is a huge win for fashion, whose contribution to landfill is just plain shocking! Although, it’s not all to blame on manufacturers; consumers should be just as dedicated to reducing their footprint and impact on the environment by re-selling, recycling or donating preloved clothing to keep it out of the trash. Buying garments consciously, keeping your wardrobe small and only purchasing pieces you really, truly love means not only are you being eco-friendly, you will also get way more use out of the clothing you do have rather than having those awkward items that never get worn.

sustainable sexy nightgown

Using this mindset to invest in high quality sleepwear is especially effective, particularly if you go for a timeless design as you’ll most likely have them forever. This concept is exactly what we kept at the forefront of our sustainable Petra range, and we can't wait for you to be a part of shaping a greener future with us.

sustainable camisole set

Keep a close eye on our website and socials because we are working on more natural, sustainable and ethical arrivals to come soon!

Let us know down below what kind of sustainable product you'd love to see.

March 20, 2019 — Ashley Pilkinton
Tags: Lifestyle


Homebodii said:

Hi Sarah!

Thanks so much for reading about the changes we are trying to make. Yes this is also an important factor to look into and we understand how terrible modern slavery is. Fortunately we only use small, family owned factories to produce our items and have a personal relationship with them to ensure our standards are being kept.
If we can all do our bit whether its using sustainable materials, installing solar panels, supporting ethical businesses or buying our groceries from local farmers, we will definitely have an impact. No matter how small! :)

Sarah Robson said:

Hi, it would be great to see a commitment to looking into your supply chain for modern slavery. I’m sure you are well aware of the issues that plague the garment sector and it’s great you are looking into environmentally sustainable materials but social sustainability is equally as important. It would be interesting to see what work you are doing in this space to work towards an ethical supply chain that doesn’t support modern slavery and forced labour. Cheers!

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