Introducing our exquisite Homebodii x Kelly Smith sleepwear collection

We’re so excited to introduce our beautiful new spring sleepwear collection, which is a collaboration with one of Australia’s leading fashion and beauty illustrators, Kelly Smith from Birdy & Me. Kelly is an incredibly talented Tasmania-based illustrator whose stunning work you’ve undoubtedly seen on Instagram at @birdyandme and in the pages of esteemed titles like VogueHarper’s BazaarInStyle, and Net-A-Porter’s Porter magazine.

Our Homebodii x Kelly Smith collection features an exquisite print illustrated by Kelly of pretty spring florals alongside bees and butterflies and comes in a matching long-sleeved pyjama set, matching cami pyjama set, matching short pyjama set, and a sophisticated robe with elegant kimono-style sleeves. 

Read on as Kelly shares how she got her big break in illustration, the real-life inspiration behind the Homebodii collaboration, and her favourite pieces from the collection.

“I was aware of Homebodii before they contacted me, and immediately I was excited at the prospect of working with them! Who doesn’t love pyjamas? Especially when they’re designed and created with so much passion,”

Kelly says.

You have worked with some of the most esteemed fashion and beauty houses. Please share how you originally got started in fashion and beauty illustration?

“I’ve always found inspiration within fashion and beauty photography; artists like Cecil Beaton, Irving Penn, and Tim Walker who create the most incredible fashion fantasies in front of their lens. I felt very naturally drawn (no pun intended) to creating images in a similar vein, only using my pencil instead of a camera. I’ve always felt that art gives you a little more freedom in how you tell a story - you can always create something that doesn't exist.

After graduating from Uni, I started out by snail mailing small print packs to a lot of art directors and magazines I really admired which led to features or commissions from brands like General Pants, Mambo and Girlfriend magazine.”


What was your big break?

“My BIG break was a feature in the pages of Australian Vogue. I had a small solo exhibition coming up and gained a full page in the magazine, which looking back on it now, seems extraordinary for an emerging artist, and something I'll be forever grateful for. That exposed my work to a HUGE audience and I think my client base grew exponentially from there. I since joined an illustration agency, and over the past decade have been fortunate to work with some incredible brands and creative minds!”


What was your inspiration for the Homebodii collaboration?

“The brief was very much ideal for me. I’m someone who also really loves to illustrate botanical elements, whether that be on their own or within the tapestry of a larger story/scene. We were very into the idea of a wonderland-esque garden - golden/dusky light and soft pink tones. We also loved the thought of including insects native to the environment - bees, butterflies etc to emphasise the little creatures inhabiting our world that we really need to take care of in the future.”


Can you please share what your process was for turning that inspiration into reality?

“Generally, every time I buy flowers from my local wholesaler or market, I photograph them. Reference material is vital for me, and whatever I can photograph myself, I do! So I have a catalogue of beautiful things I can draw from. But I also wanted to go and collect/arrange something really beautiful specifically for this project, that I could look to for inspiration while creating a stimulating working environment. I sat outside in the sun, drawing blooms and bees, and was even visited by a little bee in the process!”


What are your favourite pieces in the collection?

“Working from home, I live for loungewear! So, all of it is heavenly to me. My favourite would probably be the kimono gown and the camisole set. Especially now that we’re coming into spring. Realistically, living in Tasmania, I would need the classic pyjama set. Girl’s gotta stay warm.”

Kelly shares images of her inspiration, buzzy friend, artwork in progress and her beautiful design below