Planning a wedding is already overwhelming enough without trying to think about the morning of the day. That's why we've put together some tips and things to keep in mind so that when you finally get to wake up on wedding day there's nothing left to stress about.

1. Gifts for the bridal party

Your bridesmaids are your support team leading up and throughout your wedding, they are all working together as a team of fairy godmothers to make sure all of your dreams come true!
A beautiful way to show your appreciation is to give them a personalised, thoughtful gift or gift box filled with keepsakes they will treasure forever! Some ideas to include are personalised robes or PJ sets with their name monogrammed on the garment, delightfully scented candles, monogrammed key chains, mini bottles of sparkling wine, luxurious face or hand cream, and of course their favourite chocolates (Our personal favourites are the gorgeous selection of Loco Love on our website!). Or go all out and treat them with a spa gift voucher!

Bridesmaid thank you gift box

2. Create a getting ready timeline

While getting ready with your girls for a night out can be so much fun, when it comes to getting ready for your wedding things can become a little overwhelming. This is why we recommend you start getting ready an hour before anyone else joins you. This is so you can be completely relaxed while you sip on a hot cuppa and enjoy being pampered by your hair and makeup artists.

Organise for your maid of honour to join you after the first hour of getting ready, so both of you can spend some quality time together with while she gets ready! This is also a great time to run through your wedding sequence of events to ensure everything is in order and nothing has been left to the last minute. Lastly, invite the rest of the girls to get ready so the celebrations can begin! This way you're ready with plenty of time and no need to rush! Plus now you can sit down enjoy something to eat and a mimosa or two!

Getting ready on the day of your wedding

3. Ditch the Bra

The last thing you want after spending hours getting ready preparing for your wedding is bra strap marks in your wedding photos! The best way to avoid this is to ditch the bra and wear something loose fitting and comfortable like a soft robe, button-down blouse or a slip dress. Wearing something loose fitting also limits the chance of you messing up your beautiful wedding hair and makeup.

Getting ready robes

4. Have a 2IC

Delegate a bridesmaid you trust who can be the go-to person for final details and answering questions on the day of your wedding. You don’t want to miss out on important parts of your wedding because you were held up trying to solve an issue with the caterer! This is why it's so important that you put your trust into one of your bridesmaids to be your designated second in charge so they can solve any problems, answer questions and be your overall sidekick during the wedding.

5. Create the ultimate pre-wedding playlist

Just like P!NK said, “LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!” Music sets the tone for your wedding and this includes the time spent getting ready. Ask one of your bridesmaids to prepare a getting ready playlist for all to enjoy. We recommend including a mix of upbeat new and old tunes, not forgetting the girl power classic anthems by Beyonce, Mariah and Whitney of course. The most important thing is that the songs keep a smile on your face and get all of your girls excited for the day ahead!

6. Did someone say snacks?

Make sure there are lots of yummy treats for you and your bridesmaids to enjoy while you are getting ready, as nobody needs hangry bridesmaids on the day of the wedding. Delegate two of your bridesmaids to set up a bridal buffet filled with flakey croissants, fresh fruit, hot doughnuts, yummy bagels and other breakfast favourites! If you enjoy a cheeky glass of bubbles or two why not arrange for your bridesmaids to set up a mini mimosa bar for all to enjoy. Just get ahold of fresh orange juice and your favourite bottle of sparkles, then garnish with fresh berries and orange slices. Plus this will look totally insta worthy; you will have flashback Friday photos for weeks.

Pre drinks and snacks while getting ready for wedding

7. Check your Pamper Room for Outlets!

Whilst it's a small detail, having enough outlets for everyone is a majorly important detail! With hairdryers, curling irons, straighteners, and phone chargers, making sure your pampering room has enough outlets will make your special morning with the girls that extra bit easier. We recommend asking the venue if you can see the getting ready room in advance, just to check! If there aren't as many outlets as you think you'll need, it might be worthwhile investing in a multiple outlet powerboard for the morning!

8. Get that Insta snap!

Nothing makes your special morning better, than having a million and one photos to look back on (and post!) afterwards. With all the excitement and stress, it's easy to forget to take your digital memories! We recommend asking one of your bridesmaids to keep this in mind for you, and take some snaps throughout the pampering! Of course, make sure they ask to hand the camera over sometimes to get them in the photo too!

9. Make it YOURS!

Again, a small detail that might be forgotten...make sure your pampering room's ambience is exactly as you need it to be, to fully prepare you for your magical day. Whether that means burning your favourite, calming scented candles, or putting up some photos of you and your girls around the room, make it your own! This is YOUR day, so YOU make the rules!

10. You’ve just been hitched! Now to take 10

Things can get a bit chaotic after the ceremony with relatives and friends rushing to congratulate you, you will be bombarded with a million hugs kisses and most likely a couple of happy tears. We recommend that you ask your caterer in advance to organise a light snack or glass of bubbles for you and your hubby to enjoy in a private room right after the ceremony so you two can enjoy 15-20 minutes alone together celebrating your love before you leave the ceremony and join the rest of the party at your reception!

Bride and Groom

There you have it. We really hope this takes some of the thinking effort out of your planning. Let us know down below if there are any things that you planned for wedding day that made it even more special!

Lots of Love xx

July 08, 2019 — Ashley Pilkinton
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