With Easter this weekend or whether you’ve got a special event coming up, or just want to jazz up your family dinners, there’s nothing nicer than sitting down at a beautifully decorated table.


Homebodii HQ has curated a little list of super simple tips to get you started on your tablescape journey!

image courtesy of @ivyandbleuevents

image courtesy of @ivyandbleuevents


First things first...

A ‘tablescape’ is a term for decorating your table to entertain guests that combines your table’s centrepiece and place settings. Tablescapes are used to elevate an entertaining experience – a little way to show your guests that you care about them, and that the meal is special. This we know that sounds like a lot, so where to start?


First things first, remember tablescaping doesn’t have to be something with a strict set of rules. It’s best to let it flow with your personal style! Some of the prettiest and most effective tablescapes can just simply be flowers you’ve picked from the yard and everyday dishes.

image courtesy of @ivyandbleuevents





Pick a theme...

image courtesy of @mikaedumndson



Picking a theme is the next important step in tablescaping!


Enjoy this process…think of an image or experience that has inspired you, and build from there. Choosing a colour scheme, or a mood to draw from can help.


P.S. It’s definitely not cheating to do a little stalk of food and lifestyle bloggers We love the beautiful inspiration from @ivyandbleuevents and @mikaedmundson we have included in this blog.

image courtesy of @ivyandbleuevents






Linens and centrepieces...

image courtesy of @ivyandbleuevents



Once you’ve got your theme, it’s time to choose your linens or centrepiece! If you have a lovely table and you don’t want to cover it up, choose a centrepiece to compliment it nicely. But if you love the linen look, dress it up with a table cloth to suit the theme. Think plain white linen for a classic look, crochet for bohemian, stripes for French/Italian, or floral for a fresh English feel. Classic ideas for a centrepiece can be candles, fruit, and flowers.

image courtesy of @ivyandbleuevents




Next Step...

image courtesy of @ivyandbleuevents


All you have to do from here, is add your plates, cutlery, napkins and food!


Our Homebodii HQ Tip! Somewhere in the room or on the table, have still or sparkling water with a slice of fruit to accompany the meal. If you’re catering for adults as well, pop red wine in a decanter, and white wine/bubbles in ice buckets!

image courtesy of @ivyandbleuevents



Bon Appetite beautiful homebodys!

March 31, 2021 — Natja Gougoulas

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