A Day in the Life of a TikTok Star - Hannah McHutchison

"Through gaining a platform, I feel truly blessed that I am able to share with the world my true self and creativity"

Hannah McHutchison

What’s the one video you made that changed everything for you?

The one video I made at the beginning of my TikTok journey that changed everything was my creation of the ‘trolley challenge’ with me pushing a trolley cart whilst cat walking down a shopping aisle. The overwhelming viral social response quickly set a worldwide trend with famous music artists, brands, and TikTok stars reaching out to me and recreating my challenge. I received messages from my friends and followers on how they recognised me featured across the official TikTok advertisement campaign and spotted throughout endless reposts on verified meme accounts.

Following this success, I have been lucky enough to experience several more of my videos reach virality that have influenced large brands to globally sell out their entire online websites. This being primarily from the formal dress I wore on TikTok that gained over 10 million views. Continuing to include my amazing family throughout most of my content, my Instagram reel video reached over 13 million views, with another video landing myself on a Daily Mail UK article, ect. Through gaining a platform, I feel truly blessed that I am able to share with the world my true self and creativity. 

How do you stand out from other creators on TikTok?

I believe I stand out on TikTok as I am not afraid to embrace layers into my true character. Throughout my light-hearted personality and humour, I strive on illuminating endless positivity to foster an uplifting, safe, and relatable environment for my audience to feel inspired and empowered by. Receiving loving messages from my followers highlighting how my videos brings them joy and comfort is the central foundation as to what propels the reason why I create content. Sharing fragments of my life online with my beautiful mother, I aim on serving as a virtual best friend and an older sister figure that viewers can feel love and support around to ensure they never feel alone. 

Any advice you would like to give to budding social media influencers?

I am still progressing throughout my journey of self-discovery and have made it so far as a personal milestone in gaining self-confidence expressing my true colours to the world. The focal advice I would suggest to future social media influencers is to embody authenticity in your personal character whilst creating originality in content which I believe will ultimately guide you to long-term success. Globally recognised, the evident shift from picture perfect appearances throughout content creation and media are evolving with the focus spotlighting on relatability, personality, and embracing our differences across short form videos. Not only will dedication and consistency propel the process, but enjoying every moment of the journey will ensure you reach the right place towards success. 

Both you and Homebodii are based on the beautiful Gold Coast, what is your favourite part about your hometown?

My favourite part about my hometown on the Gold Coast would be the quality of lifestyle and supportive local community. I also value the diverse wildlife and rich ecosystems comprising a nature of everlasting beauty across the hinterland and sunny ocean beaches. But no matter where I choose to be, I believe that home is not a place, but instead emotively perceived throughout the people you feel at home with. Being surrounded by not only an uplifting social environment, but with the people I love the most, my supportive family, I am forever grateful and without them it wouldn’t be home.

You and your mum are incredibly close, what is the best advice she has given you?

The best advice my mother has given me is to love myself and do what makes me happy. She is a true and firm believer in karma and serves as my own personal role model in always treating others with pure love and kindness. Following her principles, I truly believe that anything is possible if you set your mind to it, it just depends to what extent you desire it.

My Homebodii moment was special because… and what were your favourite pieces?

My Homebodii moment was special because of the personalised embroidery of PJ’s as it felt like the clothing was perfectly made for me. Not only are the wide range of gift ideas wonderful in treating yourself with, but immersing into the beautiful shop surrounded by friendly staff makes me feel so welcomed. Regarding my favourite pieces, it is too hard to choose only one from as the variety of multipurpose clothing from quality sleepwear to loungewear is outstanding across the unique blend between fashion and comfort.

Are you more of a satin PJ or boyfriend shirt kind of gal?

I am a boyfriend shirt kind of girl as I always wear oversized clothing at home for maximum comfort. However, since shopping at Homebodii, I feel a new sense of determination in becoming a satin PJ girl because of how cute and cozy the outfits are haha.