Win a Homebodii Bridal Robe Package

Win a Homebodii Bridal Robe Package.


Leave a comment below and let us know why you would like to win the package and what it would mean to you.

The winner will be notified by email by July 27th.

The prize consists of a Natalia lace robe and three bridesmaids robes of your choice. 

Valued over $500.00.



The competition is open to all Brides from all over the world, shipping is included in the package.

The winner will be chosen by a panel of Bridal industry professionals and notified by email.


Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson said:

These robes are beautiful, thanks for introducing me to a beautiful brand. I already follow you on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest! I am getting married in November at Tambourine Mountain Queensland. The Natalia robe would be the perfect compliment to my vintage inspired wedding.

Elaine Furrows

Elaine Furrows said:

Hey homebodii! Please please pick my entry! I could really use one of those sweet robes, especially considering the amount of time I waste each day in my closet (butt naked) trying to figure out what to wear.
You. Are. The. Best.

Jess Carberry

Jess Carberry said:

I would love to win this package as I can picture myself lying around all day in these beautiful robes waiting to put the best dress in the world on!

Katherine Deans

Katherine Deans said:

I adore these robes! I would love to win them so my mum and sister could have them to wear as we get ready on my wedding day.

Janine Heslop

Janine Heslop said:

Hi ladies! One of my friends bought these robes for all her ladies to wear while getting ready and I’ve wanted one ever since! I already follow you on ALL your accounts. Such a HUGE fan of your work!

Zoe Gustafson

Zoe Gustafson said:

To The Gorgeous Homebodii team, There is one thing left to get for my wedding and its robes. I have been looking everywhere and just when I thought I was going to have to settle for the cheap imitation robes from ebay your email popped up in my inbox. Perfect timing It must be fate. I have looked at your robes and they are beyond beautiful. Winning this amazing prize would mean so much to not only myself but my whole bridal party. It would put the cherry on top of the cake and set the mood for my elegant classy wedding on the far north coast. xxxx


Ceri said:

I love the idea of getting ready for my big day in gorgeous robes! At the same time being able to give my bridesmaids a “thank you for being here with me on this special day” present. it would mean that I get to show them how much I appreciate them for helping me to get to this point and putting up with me when I was stressing out! It will always be a reminder of my special day!

Kirstie deacon

Kirstie deacon said:

Hi Homebodii! I would love to win these robes for my beautiful bridesmaids!! They have all been such an amazing support for me over my year long engagement and continue to do so in every other aspect of my life, a gift of love and thanks like theses robes to get ready in on my wedding day would be amazing! Xx

Nicola tough

Nicola tough said:

These robes are simply stunning!! I’ve been looking At your range & they are beautiful! It would be amazing to wear this robe prior to getting ready for the big day! Fingers crossed! :)))

Heidi Mizzi

Heidi Mizzi said:

A BIG thank-you to the Homebodii team for creating such a beautiful and elegant range of bridal robes. Im a huge fan of yours! and believe that your collection exudes a fun, feminine, fairytale feel that would suit my summer garden wedding theme down to a tee. I would be delighted to win this package as it would mean i could give my bridesmaids a special keepsake for all the unconditional love, help and support they have given me in planning my dream day.
Many thanks


Lenice said:

I fell in love with your robes since the first time I saw them at the Gold Coast Wedding Fair early this year. I have since been visiting and revisiting your website and Facebook page, hoping that my budget will eventually allow me to purchase a few for myself and my three lovely sisters who will be my bridesmaids. It would mean the world to me if I won this giveaway, and it would add a very sweet and unique touch to my Malaysian wedding in December. I already know it would be impossible not to feel beautiful in one of your robes and I hope that my sisters and I will be able to do just that on my big day! Thank you so much for organising this giveaway! <3

Samara Dunn

Samara Dunn said:

It would be a dream to win the complete bridal party competition..❤ Myself and my two bridsmaids and one beautiful flowergirl. We saw you at the Gold Coast Bridal Expo and i fell in love. Thankyou so much for running this, even if its not me this would be beautiful for any brides day.

Laura Hogan

Laura Hogan said:

Your product is the epitome of elegance and femininity and are nothing less than gorgeous! I live in Melbourne but am getting married in Brisbane in October (where we’re originally from), and with my 3 bridesmaids living in 3 different cities, to be wearing your beautiful robes on the biggest day of my life just compliments the day so well and brings everyone together. To have memories like that are priceless, and stay with you always. It would be very special!

Hayley Taylor

Hayley Taylor said:

I would love to win this prize as my fiancé has just accidentally seen a picture of me in my wedding dress! He swears he didn’t see it properly but I’m convinced its bad luck & financially we’re not in a position to afford a different one. So, I’m in need of some good luck & cheering up. Winning these robes would be awesome & I would get some fab pics of my bridesmaids & I looking & feeling like stars whilst getting ready for my big day. It would also be great to take away on my honeymoon :)


Jessica said:

I love the look of homebodii And is exactly what I am looking for to complete my big day!! I have been with my partner since I was 14 years of age and now after 7 years of love we are tieng the not :) I believe I deserve to win because I am a homebodii with my partner and he is all I need :) Thank you


krystle said:

Hi i would love one of these robes for myself and my matron of honour and my two gorgeous daughters we are doing a budget wedding and i saw these at the gold coast bridal expo and fell in love i have 4 children under 8 years old and my wedding budget in total is $3000 my wedding is in 6 weeks and my birthday is on the 30th of july this would be a wonderful present who ever wins should be very greatfull this could also be my something new xx krystle

Santina Brown

Santina Brown said:

I have a bridal party of 5 bridesmaids and would love to be able to spoil my favourite women of the world with a luxurious Homebodii robe, if I won the package I would buy the extra 2 bridesmaids robes which I could afford to do so the 6 of us can look stunning while prepping for one of our most memorable days of our lives! Can you imagine the photo’s I could get done with all of us getting ready and looking fabulous for the Island Wedding! Sexy Ladies!!!!

Cara Perizzolo

Cara Perizzolo said:

Hi Homebodii.
I would absolutely love to win these robes for my special day. My fiancé and I are high school sweethearts who have been together for 10 years, four of those in which we committed to a long distance relationship whilst I studied at university. We recently got engaged and are planning the fairytale wedding we deserve. I would love to be able to give each of my beautiful bridesmaids a robe as a special gift on our wedding day because their love and friendship is so important to me. My maid of honour lives in New Zealand and is making extra special effort to come home to Australia regularly to help organise the most important day of my life. A beautiful gift like this would be perfect to say thank you.

Elisha Larkin

Elisha Larkin said:

After a hetic year of house renovations, my fiancée having major back surgery and our beautiful daughter arriving 10 weeks early, our wedding plans have taken the back seat. On miserable days I wear my homebodii kimono and it is an insta pick me up. For me and my bridesmaids to wear homebodii on my wedding day would be an honour and completely luxurious. This prize pack would remotivate me to get back on track with final wedding preparations. I absolutely adore homebodii, I love that it is a keepsake that you can keep wearing after your wedding day. It is perfection !


Heather said:

I work in a rural community, so I have been away from home whilst my wedding is being planned. I’ve been looking for something to thank my beautiful bridesmaids as they have taken on the planning of my wedding with no fuss, and are doing such a splendid job. I just know they are going to produce a beautiful wedding for me. These robes would be such a beautiful thing to give them, and something we could share on the morning of the day whilst we get ready, and when I am actually there!!

Leanne Tucker

Leanne Tucker said:

I would love to win your Homebodii Robe Package. I’m 27 years old and have taken on the job of building our first house. Unfortunately my fiancé isn’t too great with organisation so I have taken the job up of organising the construction, tradies and suppliers while also organising the wedding by myself. There isn’t really any time to relax and enjoy the moment as I am also making everything from cake boxes, invitations to name cards and decorations. I think sharing these robes with my favourite people on the morning would show that I haven’t forgotten them and am truly lucky to have people like them in my life. I first saw your robs at the GC Wedding Expo and thought they were absolutely stunning and I’m always finding myself back on your website staring at them.


Clare said:

Dear Ingrid/ Homebodii Team,

To answer why I would want to win this package, is to answer a very simple question. I want myself and my four gorgeous bridesmaids to feel elegant and beautiful and this is what we will feel and will be wearing the stunning Homebodii robes. Especially for my Maid of Honour, Cathryn, my big sister by 10 years who has just had her first daughter, Victoria 4 days ago. It is a huge ask for her to be a part of the bridal party as the wedding is in 10 short weeks but she insisted she wanted to support me and it was an honour for her to do so, but really the honour is all mine. So the logistics of her flying to the other end of Australia, being a new mum and really just trying to work out what the hell she is doing (as all new mums can experience) is a lot of pressure not to mention on the actual day of the wedding breastfeeding Victoria, and trying to avoid any nasty ‘leakages’ on her dress so I have been searching high and low for a beautiful robe that Cathryn can wear up until the very last minute and feel a million bucks in, and when I saw your robes I knew I found what I had being looking. And to then come across this competition I just had to enter with the possibility that all of my girls could feel elegant and just as important as me on my wedding day would mean more to me than all the materialistic things that sometimes we as humans get caught up in when wanting everything to be perfect on your wedding day, because at the end of the day to see smiles on the faces of people you love and cherish is the greatest gift of all and I know that the Homeboddi robes will put those smiles on the girls faces and that’s what it would mean to me, everything…


Danielle Stein

Danielle Stein said:

I would like to win the Homebodii Bridal Package so that I can give back to my best girly girls that have given me so much in life… My Bridesmaids! These girls have been my wings when I needed to fly (or get off the pavement…), my heart when it has been broken, my head when I have needed reason and my funsters when it is party time. This gift to them would be so special and something we could share together as part of a day we will all never forget! Thank you! :) Danielle Stein xxx

Brooke Paige

Brooke Paige said:

Dressed in your beautiful ‘Nadia’ robe on the morning of Friday 28th of June, my maid of honour Steph R fluffed about me like I was on a pedistool, making sure I was both physically and mentally ready for my big day ahead. Just as I came to the finishing line of the biggest 14 months of my life, that evening, after catching my lucky bouquet, her partner of 8 years decided to propose to her! Now, donning the Maid of Honour cap myself, I will strive to do everything possible to make her time as a bride enjoyable, more affortable and carefree as she did for me. I now share my own special memories with Nadia so would not have the need for such a generous robe package, other than as a gift…I know she would love them!

Natasha Burns

Natasha Burns said:

Dear Homebodii, If men can run the world, why can’t they stop wearing neckties? How intelligent is it to start the day by tying a little noose around your neck? ~Linda Ellerbe Wearing one of your robes is undoubtedly the intelligent way to start your wedding day. Not only would I be wearing a gorgeous gown if I won this competition but a even larger smile on my face. Kind Regards all the way from New Zealand.

Christine Wilson

Christine Wilson said:

Myself, my best friend, and my big sister are all getting married within 12 months of each other. Needless to say, it is a very exciting, and very hectic, time for all of us. If just one of us could win this prize to help create beautiful photographic memories of the lead up to our big day, and these thoughtful momentos for our bridal party, it would be such a lovely gesture. Does that mean I get three entries? :)


Susan said:

I know to some this may sound silly; however I had been searching for the perfect robes for months. I finally came across Homebodii and had no doubt in my mind that these would be the robes I would purchase for my wedding day. We focus on buying the perfect gown, finding the right hair and makeup artist, purchasing elegant flowers and so forth, but we can tend to forget about those first few moments when we wake up and slip into our first outfit of the day which should ultimately make us look and feel amazing. This first outfit for me is the robe. Therefore, when buying a robe I want it represent my personality and style. The Homebodii robes do exactly that, they are timeless and elegant with a dash of sexiness.

I would want nothing more than for my bridal party to wear the Homebodii robes on the morning of my wedding. This would also mean that I could surprise my bridesmaids with a stunning gift to thank them for all their support.

Erika Nenadovich

Erika Nenadovich said:

I am so happy I stumbled across this website! The robes are all so beautiful, elegant and classic. They really remind me of looking through my mother’s wedding album with all the lace, which I just adore.
I would like to win a package of robes as my finance and I will be married in Canada, and I have been searching for a beautiful bridesmaid’s gift that is from my new home country!
The girls that will stand next to me on my wedding day have been in my life for the last 25 years and they deserve all the love, happiness, and luxury a wedding can bring as well. Since moving to Australia we have many Skype dates to keep in touch and I am sure we can all snuggle up at the computer in these after the wedding to reminisce all of the wonderful memories.

tracey williams

tracey williams said:

I would love to win this package for my daughter, she is getting married in march 2014 and her budget is very tight, i know she would love to spoil her beautiful bridesmaids with something as special as this which only they can all share and keep as a reminder of their fantastic day together as sisters and best friends!

Tara Frahm

Tara Frahm said:

There is no day more special to celebrate and just be girly girls than your wedding day. The deep friendship that I already have with my two best friends and little sister will become a little bit closer with the memory that we will keep for the rest of our lives. Getting our hair and makeup done while sipping on champagne to keep my nerves down, could not be done in none other than homebodii robes, they are beautiful and amazing just like my bridesmaids. I would love nothing more than to be able to present them with Nadia robes (they are exquisite). Pre wedding photos would look absolutely Devine.


Jodie said:

I would love love love this prize..
I’m currently planning a surprise wedding and not even my bridemaids know it’s happening.. This would be a lovely gift to give them in a package the morning of the wedding as a surprise.. today is the day and it’s time to get ready!
They’re amazing girls and they deserve something this gorgeous to help me celebrate a fabulous day! x


Jess said:

Wow! These robes are stunning, who wouldn’t love the chance to win them! I’m getting married early next year and these would be the most amazing gift for my bridesmaids and I. The pre-pampering is one of the most exciting parts of the day and the part I’m really looking forward too.

Tessa Haye

Tessa Haye said:

My mum is getting married soon and she would absolutely adoree these robes x my two sisters and i all want this day to be magical and full of only the best things for her and dad. These robes will make her feel that extra special like every bride should xx

Megan Warwick

Megan Warwick said:

I plan to get robes for my girls as a part of my thankyou gift, if I win this prize not only will they have robes but the perfect robes x

Shereen Denton

Shereen Denton said:

I want to win becuz me and my husband to be are getting married on aug 25th 2013 and having to pay for most of it ourselves. We have had to do without on many things or find cheaper alternatives due to funding. I will be 27 weeks pregnant on my wedding day and will not be able to have a honeymoon because I am not allowed to fly. So a little help and to treat myself and my bridesmaids with such a beautiful thing would be eternally grateful.

Amy Rossington

Amy Rossington said:

Oh I would love this beautiful prize! It would be such a spoil to share these with my two sisters who are my bridesmaids. Will also make us look super cute for the wedding prep photos :)


Alisha said:

Please let me win! I am from Australia and am looking everywhere for nice robes for myself and my bridesmaids but it is so limited here and the shipping to Australia is so pricey i’ve almost given up hope finding any. They would make such a beautiful gift and look amazing in the photos while we get ready i really have my heart set on them!!

Kristy Stubbs

Kristy Stubbs said:

I would love to win the robes for my younger sisters wedding next year i am recently single after 7 years and she has let me be included in all aspects of her wedding and made me feel so included to help me move on and forget about my own sadness at this time she has let me make decisions and given me alot of tasks and responsibilites to make her day wonderful for all our family this would be a great way to say thankyou and ad a special touch to her day and know that i was thinking of her the whole way through planning her wedding

Shannon Keown

Shannon Keown said:

Hello -

I want these robes so badly for my bridesmaids. They are all beautiful girls inside and out, but they all are very different in terms of taste. I want to get them each a gorgeous robe to say ‘thank you’ for being there for me, not just in regards to the wedding, but in life in general. Trying to find a beautiful, good quality robe for my girls with varying tastes has proven extremely difficult. Homebodii robes are the only robes I’ve been able to find that are classy, comfortable, versatile, and absolutely stunning. I know my bridesmaids (my sister and three best friends) would be ecstatic to receive them as a gift. Whoever wins these robes will have such an amazing time getting ready with their ladies and I really, really hope that it is me!


Elizabeth said:

My 6 gorgeous bridesmaids have been so supportive of my fiancé and I throughout the passing of his Mum shortly after our engagement. Giving them a wonderful experience at our wedding is top priority for us, so beautiful robes from Homebodii for our morning photographs is a must! Winning 3 of our bridesmaids robes would be absolutely wonderful.

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