A Sleep Specialist's 5 Tips for Better Beauty Sleep

Marianne and Olivia are wearing the Grace Short Piping PJ set, personalised with black monogramming.

Here's what Olivia has decided are the 5 best tips for better beauty sleep

Here at Homebodii we are all about sleep, and for this World Sleep Day we sat down with sleep specialist Olivia Arezzolo to give you some handy insights on how to make that all important beauty sleep even better.

As a sleep specialist, I’m always asked, “How can I sleep better? I simply CANNOT switch off at night!” This to me, is quite simple to fix. Remove sleep inhibiting factors, replace them with pro-sleep behaviours. And what are these elements, you ask? See below, and look forward to the best sleep of your life.


1. Set a goal - and have support to reach it.

Sleep, like any other goal - e.g. fitness, diet, financial - needs to be supported with a buddy / professional holding you accountable; plus providing you advice you need to move forward. Research by American Society of Training and Development shows you’re 65% more likely to achieve your goal if you have an accountability buddy; and 95% more likely to achieve it if you have a scheduled check in - so rather than just hope you’ll stay motivated, engage your partner, bestie or even me (on instagram) as your sleep buddy and commit to the path of self improvement. As always, together, we are better.

2. Have a routine

Follow an (evidence based) specific process each night so your body expects to wind down - and respect this regardless of if you’re out for dinner, have an event or spending a quiet night in. It doesn’t need to take long, however it does need to happen on a regular basis - it helps reducing stress and anxiety, and really, who doesn’t want that? The routine I encourage is below, and as noted, is backed by science.

3. Wear something special to bed.

Next, be like sleep evangelist Arianna Huffington and reserve special pj’s for sleep and relaxation only. Psychologically, putting on your ‘jammies signals to your brain to unwind - even before you’ve popped on a meditation track (see point 8); plus increases your motivation to engage in your night routine. I love the new Homebodiiset we wore on the video (coming!!) - the light, silky smooth finish is reminiscent of a luxury resort, and makes me feel every single bit the sleep queen I (most definitely) am - as are you.

4. Diffuse sleep oil

Once you’re draped in your fave set of Homebodii’s, diffuse a sleep enhancing oil, such as Oil Garden Byron Bay’sSleep Assist. Incorporating the properties of Lavender and Sweet Orange;Rorschachs lavender tranquillises the body and mind, and likewise,academic studiesdemonstrate sweet orange as a natural sedative. Not only is this my personal recommendation, but it’s what supermodels Elle and Miranda do religiously as well - and we all know they look pretty damn good in the morning, right?

5. Mediate, read a book or cuddle your lover.

Set aside 10+ minutes to engage in a non-work, relaxing activity - and given the evidence behind meditation, if you’re only going to do one thing, do that. As reported in academic journalFrontiers of Neurology, meditation aids anxiety, stress and enhances sleep quality, and is even more powerful than sleep education classes in reducing clinical insomnia. For newbies (self included), I encourage the appHeadspace- it has a free trial too.