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Homebodii Supports Fashion Revolution Day 2014

by Gary Carruthers February 27, 2014

Homebodii Supports Fashion Revolution Day 2014

Last year we were exposed to the horrors of the garment industry when hearing about the Savar building collapse in Bangladesh. After repeated warnings about cracks in the building went ignored, desperate garment workers placed notes inside packaging pleading for better conditions. The workers many made up of young women were told to return to work for the sake of production, ultimately the building collapsed. With a horrific death toll of approximately 1,129 and over 2500 injured, this was considered to be one the deadliest of garment factory accidents in recent history.

After hearing of the tragedy back here in Australia we here at homebodii a emerging Australian loungewear label homebodii decided to do things differently and mindfully. One of our aims was to make strides while honoring and practicing an ethical clothing commitment. This means finding every way possible to evaluate our business methods and coming up with ways to offer better eco and ethical fashion options, which allow individuals to not sacrifice quality and style for the sake of fashion. The homebodii team loves beauty and embraces creativity, but with a combined love for mindfulness and practicality.

With the release of our Organic Pima loungewear we saw this as an opportunity for homebodii to promote social responsibility and awareness of ethical options and practices in the fashion industry, particularly within the area of manufacturing. We will increase awareness by educating our customers about garment construction in an ethical production.

Homebodii offers transitional loungewear with each piece in the range complimenting each other and designed to go from home to everyday wear. Homebodii lowers your wardrobe carbon footprint, as the fabric is 100% GOTS approved pima cotton, which is naturally antibacterial and thermo intelligent, which means it heats and cools with your body’s temperature.

Homebodii Spring-Summer 2014 collection concept reflects the idea of ‘smart classic apparel’ with its key features being ‘soft and comfortable’. This collection offers a mix of traditional style blended with soft and feminine influences. The colours on display will feature blush, white, grey, and charcoal

Homebodii’s organic apparel is derived from a natural dyeing process and the colours are not resistant to abrasiveness and perfect for the most sensitive of skin types. By promoting social responsibility and awareness of ethical options and practices in the fashion industry we hope to make a contribution to a worthwhile movement.

fashion revolution- who made your clothes?

fashion revolution- who made your clothes?

fashion revolution- who made your clothes?


Gary Carruthers
Gary Carruthers

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